Sunday, November 14, 2010

Now that I have gotten accustomed to the whole blog subscribe thing, I guess making posts linking to interesting blogs is outdated. Perhaps I should... blog about something.

Something I feel strongly about is... paraphilias. Specifically, they are bad. It is bad to be aberrant, abnormal, deviant, uncommon unusual. Abhorrent, unconscionable!

I discourage these things. They should be demoted! In fact, they are, since paraphilias are listed in the DSM as some kinda condition, I forget what because I'm just a laymen and not an expert, and my memory is bad.

But to make it clear, I denigrate and oppose all unbalanced things, and all paraphilias are unbalanced because they focus on something.

Universal love is an ideal. To share love with the universe, it must be unconditional. Yet, to be unconditional, love must be spread equally.

People who have predispositions, preferences, orientations, whatever the buzz word is... they are in contrast to this!

In particular, some of the things I am least fond of are (in alphabetical order as I am no good at prioritizing) gerontophilia, pedophilia and sadism. They stand out moreso than other paraphilias (though I dislike them all) due to the potential ramifications associated with them.

Gerontophiles fetishize the body aging and that is not healthy, it makes me wonder if they might be motivated to make themselves or others age prematurely, or not take advantage of future healthful rejuvenative therapies.

Conversely, pedophiles fetishize the lack of sexual maturation, and the problem with that is that the hormone boost from puberty and stuff has a lot of benefits like how the skeleton ossifies and how you get muscle growth and development of areas of the brain. I worry that they might try to stop this process, perhaps in contrast to health, due to their relative dislike of pubertied people.

Sadists like to inflict pain on people, and I worry this might be done without consent and lead people to become bad people and stuff. Their opposites, masochists, basically are a risk primarily to themself and the subject of harm (self) consents to the pursuit of their 'fetish'/focus whatever you call it.

So basically, studying all these focuses people get into is interesting, perhaps it provides a more detailed perspective and exploration of issues, but I worry people get too drawn in and don't have a balanced or fair view of the world and people that would be developed by pursuing and nurturing a more balanced sense of multi-faceted emotional affection for all things. Not just all people either, but maybe all animals or plants or even chemical gas components of the atmosphere because I think O2 is the tops.


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